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Hey there!  I'm Melissa.  
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Hey there.  I'm a Woman Artist, 4th Generation, who was Raised in a Family Setting of Pennsylvania Folk Artists.  When handed a Baton, I Trained in London with Experimental Printmakers.  I love Metalworking by taking Bronze to Paper with Intaglio Printmaking Art.  My Passion is Artisan Crafting that Captures Warmth, Spirit and Special Feelings that only you can find in 'One of a Kind' ART

Ready for MORE ART with Mystery?
Wait... What is a Mystery Print?

Mystery Prints began in 2018 to Celebrate:  Dream of My Grandfather
 My Inspiration since childhood, my Catalyst to Make Art in the first place, Native Pennsylvania Folk Artist in Wood Carving, My Grandfather loved his Patrons and Family.  His Wife of 74 yrs, our 'Centenarian'; my precious Grandmother, painted his Folk Art Woodcarvings so beautifully.  Yesteryear to Milestones, from her Handwritten Letters to his Veteran admiration for the USMail, I created Narrative Art Prints through Longevity to Wake Up the Artist Within You 

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 'Grandfathering Legacy'
 Exponential BENEFITS 

Teaching you: What's Behind the Scenes in a Bigger Picture 
Artisan crafting that helps you discover:
How to Process with Creativity
How to Nurture with Inner Peace 
How to Release with Good Emotions
How to Improve with Balance

 MORE Mystery ART 

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