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Hi. I'm Melissa.  Intaglio Printmaking Artist, raised in a family setting of Folk Artists.'  4th Generation then Trained in London with Experimental Printmakers.  Mystery Prints started in 2018, as a 'Dream of my Grandfather,' 2021 my Centenarian Grandmother joined him to be with the Lord.  Mystery Prints became life's reminder to their Memory, Faith and Living Full to symbolize a Memento Mori.  They loved the USPS & Handwritten Letters, having close relationships with their patrons, which we cherish today.  These are 'Sight Unseen' Works on Paper are Original Intaglio's that come with Narratives helping you to see your bigger picture.  By Christmas, it's fun to unveil and appreciate this complete experience.  Little treasures, signed with longevity and legacy.  I hope they can emanate a deeper joy for self-love, family or friends

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Mystery Print Subsciption FAQs 

When does the Mystery Print begin? 

It begins every year after January 20 and ships by USPS
It's an Art Subscription by snail mail 
The last work arrives in time for Christmas 

 Are Mystery Prints Originals?

YES, of course,  I draw directly onto metal (solar)plates then hand-print &  hand-color each print differently.   I turn the wheel on each piece with my
Rembrandt Pelican Press and use a choice paper, Hahnemuhle Etching  
What are the Benefits?

New Memberships hold the Mystery with its story. This year's title is
 STAR OF THE SEA.  New Memberships are offered 'Grandfathered In Legacy' a true value that stays the same so long as it Renews

Is this Subscription Optional to Renew?

Yes! It is optional, when you Subscribe your fixed price stays with it so long as you renew your Membership year after year

Are all Mystery Print Subscription years available?
Absolutely yes, they are available at the same cost as 2024 Membership 

Do I pay Shipping cost? 
Never, Its on us, shipping/packing is included with your Membership

May I Pre-Purchase to Send as a Gift?

Yes, of course you can, it is a Gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays; you may request to have it giftwrapped too.  This handmade item is a wonderous and meaningful Gift that keeps on giving

Here's What's to Expect?

This is a Limited Time Offer, the Subscription Offer runs until Dec 15 
It is a super package at high value by art appreciators, just like you

Take a Peek:  2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 will Unveil soon 

Mystery Print Subscription 2020, Tree of Life, Melissa Strawser, Printmaking Artist in Pennsylvania
Mystery Print Subscription, 2021 Sustainability, Melissa Strawser, Intaglio Print Artist in Pennsylvania
Mystery Print Subscription 2022, Mirage to Oasis, Melissa Strawser, Intaglio Print Artist
Mystery Print Subscription 2023, Art of Flight, Melissa Strawser, Intaglio Printmaking Artist

'Sight Unseen' 
Grandfathered In Legacy Offer
Title: Mystery Print Subscription

See Your Big Picture in 2024
Two Columns, Two Rows
Horizontal Mount 
Dimensions 16" x 34"

is an ancient title for it comes down to us from the Latin Stella Maris

Under this title, as the sobriquet of Mary, 'Star of the Sea.'  To Mother not flora nor fauna, to the enrgy that intercedes to be 'Like an Artist' as both guide and protector of all those who travel or seek their livelihoods on or by the Sea and for those Stars or Constellations and far out Galaxies, 'Star of the Sea' is a 'Sight Unseen' Work on Paper using Intaglio Printmaking & Narratives.

Thank you for Believing!

Melissa Strawser Art, Melissa Strawser, Intaglio Printmaking Artist, Sculptress, Bertoia Studio, 4th Generation Woman Artist, Intaglio Printmaking Artist
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