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I help you find Emotions only Encountered with Art, both Good and Authentic, through Art. I'm a Woman Artist that takes Bronze to Paper with Printmaking Art.  Fist, I find inspiration to draw onto a Metal surface.  The Strings' is an unusual small run Limited Edition that took a quantum leap to tell you a Story of How you connect from Sonors to Visuals. Inspired by Harry Bertoia, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kronos Quartet and Bakithi Kumalo and how Musicians evoke a Visual connection with Strings and Sound.  

Juried out of 700 and exhibited with 100 other juried prints at Southampton Arts Center in Long Island, NY, with Dan Welden's 2019 Exhibit.  These works grew as a 'Suite' to stand together and apart for your human emotional experience genuine gut feelings with a pulsating heart sensation, this is the "Strings" 
Look, you already know that great Art changes your life yet to what extent?  I love helping you Find Your Emotions.  I was raised in a family setting of Folk Artists and as 5th Generation.  The Strings is one of the first small Limited Editions where I like to connect you to a familiar in Music.  Hand-colored differently to reveal my  One-of-a-Kind Artist Proofs.  I hope they find a home with ou to refresh your Art Walls, cleanse your Emotional State of Mind.  In gratitude for taking a quantum leap with me to discover a Mystery of Art.    


Strings, Solarplate Intaglio Handmade Artist Proof Print


ORIGINAL Solarplate Intaglio Artist Proof Print on German Etching Hahnemuhle Paper

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