Two Acorns fell from better known Mighty Oaks, BERTOIA and STRAWSER serving a  Higher Frequency with Collaborations of beautiful Visuals in Printmaking and Kinetic Sounding Sculpture in Metal Working.  We Help You Experience 'Natural Emotions' for Your Inner Peace and Mindfulness 

Metal Working Sculptor, Val Bertoia, engineered hundreds of Sounding Gongs and Sculptures since the 1950s.  To Celebrate 25 yrs. of working together, he asked Melissa to Etch with a Personal Touch a designed Bertoia Gong of Sound.  Their Collaborations of Sonor Visual Diptychs are rare Art Collectibles.  'One of a Kind' Hand-mades in Metal for Self-mades.  Bringing a Experience of Art to your Zen Room, Outdoor Garden or Interior Space for more Self-Discovery with Art.  
Metal Working Artist, Melissa Strawser,  serves you a Mystery in Self-Discovery with Metal Art.  Experimental Printmaking Sculptress of 35 years, she Helps You Find Natural Emotions for Inner Peace and Mindfulness.  

Hi! I'm Melissa.  I Serve a ‘Mystery’ of Self-Discovery with Art.  Raised in a Family Setting of Folk Artists, then Trained in LondonI have 2 Etching Presses, One Daughter, One Bunny,  Nine Hen Chicks and One Metal Working Studio alongside Val Bertoia.  I Find Metaphors in Nature to Help Balance Your Inner Peace by Discovering Your Natural Emotions in Art. DISCOVER MORE

On Topic with Melissa Strawser
Practical Healthy Living Interview with Psychologist, Dr. Anthony Alan Thomalla

 (4) Handmade Artist Proofs
Paper Size 42" x 33" in Progress

(Left)Sculptor, Val Bertoia-Master Printer (Right)Dan Welden
42" x 30"  Etching Bertoia Bronze Gong in Progress

Hand-Drawing onto Bronze VBertoia Gong
Resonating Visuals in Progress
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