Hi. I'm Melissa.  Intaglio Printmaking Studio Artist, raised in a family setting of Folk Artists, then trained in London with Experimental Printmakers.   Find me in  Bertoia Studio taking Timeless Beauty that's found in Nature to Metal Works on Paper with Intaglio Sculpture. I provoke your Senses by helping you discover a Mystery in Art
Intaglio Printmaking Artst, Intaglio Sculpture, Studio Artist, Pennsylvania Artist, Bertoia Studio

Intaglio 'Strawser' Press

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Melissa Strawser, Printmaking Artist, Intaglio Sculpture, Pennsylvania Artist, Berks County Artist, Intaglio Printmaking Artist, Bertoia Studio Collaborations
Melissa Strawser
Studio Artist in bertoia studio

You're Invited to ride on this journey with us to Self-Discovery & Serenity with  Sculpture & Printmaking 

Melissa Strawser creates Metal Works on Paper with Intaglio Printmaking and collaborates with Bertoia Sound. 
Melissa Strawser, Intaglio Printmaking Artist, Woman Artist, Intaglio Sculpture, Bertoia Gongs, Metal Works on Paper, Pennsylvania Artists, Experimental Printmaker, Metal Working Artist, Folk Art Family
About Melissa Strawser
Raised in a family setting of Pennsylvania Folk Artists, then trained in London with Experimental Printmakers, collaborating with Bertoia to create Intaglio Sculpture was a happenstance to intrigue your Senses for greater Inner Peace. I wish for you to get Jazz'd Up with our Down to Earth Raw & Handmade Art.  Thanks for checking out my site!
Our Studio Updates
We hold an Open Studio mid June &
Annual Open House on October 14th to Celebrate the Solar Eclipse this year.  We're working on Projects big and small, so if you have something in mind??? We take your requests seriously for just about anything Art. Submit Your Request and get in touch.  We're in a partnership with most everything Intaglio & Sculpture. 
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Visit the Studio by Appointment Only to go behind the scenes with us and experience what living with Art can do for your well-being.   We work in a perfectly messy Art Studio setting that's nestled next to a Biodiverse Forest where Nature and Art align with your senses.  Situated amidst the Trees in a beautiful Pennsylvania Farm style scenic landscape. 
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Printmaking Workshops
In The News
  • Awesome Feature - Collaborating with Val Bertoia Gongs, Metal Works on Paper
  • Even Cooler Feature -  New York Times featured us Artists on April 2, 2023
  • Visiting Studio By Appointment Only 10am or 2pm
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Melissa Strawser Art, Melissa Strawser, Intaglio Printmaking Artist, Sculptress, Bertoia Studio, 4th Generation Woman Artist, Intaglio Printmaking Artist

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